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Independent Family Brewers of Great Britain

When you think of a Great British Pub, what comes to mind? The perfect pint of beer of course, distinctive to the area it is brewed in and celebrated across the UK.

A tradition that we, the 28 Family Brewers with our breweries and our pubs have been at the heart of, quietly going about our business for over 300 years. In fact, we’re the original brewers, with over 4,750 years of brewing experience between us, intrinsic to the British cultural landscape. Today we remain family owned and fiercely proud of our brewing heritage throughout England and Wales.

We are family businesses who operate with like-minded people and a long-term perspective; continuing to brew beer for sale in our pubs and investing in our pub estates for generations to come. We own and operate some of the most historic pubs in the country and most are close to our breweries and we personally know them.

Family Brewers are at the heart of the UK’s brewing and pub tradition. With our values, standards and culture, we are custodians of the genuine Brewery Tie model. Our perspective is for the long term, we invest in our people, our breweries, our beers and our pubs and with a clear and sustained focus that brings employment and prosperity to rural local communities.

In our last membership survey we identified that:

  • Annually, we spend over £250 million with small local suppliers close to our breweries.
  • We employ 47,000 people locally in our breweries and pubs.
  • Our small pub estates (all less than 500) are run by like-minded people who we know.
  • Family brewers brew over 360 different regional cask beers.
  • We invested over £300 million in our brewery operation and pubs.
  • 88% of our tenants would take another agreement with us.
  • Over 2,000 tenants operate their own business with family brewers.
  • Just under 50% of those employed in our pubs are under 25.

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The Brewing Process
The Brewing Process

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Meet the Brewers
Meet the Brewers

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History of Brewing
History of Brewing

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