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The Faversham Brewery
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About Shepherd Neame Ltd.

Shepherd Neame is Britain’s oldest brewer. The official founding date is 1698 although there is clear evidence that its heritage pre-dates this period to the early 16th century.

In 1864 Percy Beale Neame joined his brother-in-law in the company. Five generations later his direct descendants are still very much involved in the brewery, with Jonathan Neame at the helm as chief executive and many other family members working across the business.

Pubs: Shepherd Neame has more than 265 tenanted pubs across the South East, including town centre bars, historic village pubs, “destination” houses and suburban locals. The company also has 52 managed houses including 14 hotels and inns in Kent, the Garden of England.

Number of pubs: Over 317.


As a Shepherd Neame tenant, you are in control of your career; an independent, self-employed entrepreneur, but with a productive and supportive partnership at the core. We are able to support our tenants with not only our trade quality services and business development managers but also with legal matters, food and marketing advice. As a General Manager within our retail estate, you will enjoy a highly rewarding career where your contribution will be valued and your efforts supported by the brewery.


A tenancy with Shepherd Neame is a relatively low-cost and low-risk venture, and with extensive business support and the chance to determine your own future, it is a career that brings many rewards. Shepherd Neame invests heavily in its tenanted estate and has partnered many tenants with imaginative refurbishment projects, which have significantly enhanced their pub. Like all successful businesses, a productive partnership lies at the core; with Shepherd Neame you can rest assured that you will be supported throughout your time with us.

Contact details:

Shelley Castle - Trade Recruitment Co-ordinator 

01795 542132

Managed House

Shepherd Neame encourages managers to have a hands-on approach to running the business, using their own personality, flair and enthusiasm. We enjoy excellent manager retention and provide a competitive benefits package.

Visitor Centre:

Our Visitor Centre offers a range of brewery tours, from educational trips (for those 14 and over who have an interest in Biology, Business Studies, Tourism, Marketing, History and Geography) to group visits that can include lunch or tea and short breaks partnering up with one of our local inns.
We also offer a range of events from Beer and Food Matching evenings to Ghost Tours and bands playing in our live entertainment venue, The Old Brewery Store. The Visitor Centre also offers a range of other services including conference facilities and wedding venues.

The shop is open from 10.30am to 4.30pm

Please contact for tour times Tel: 01795 542016