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About McMullens

McMullens’ philosophy is one simple word: Respect. Respect for our customers, who are spending their hard-earned pound with us. Respect for our staff, who entrust their working life and career aspirations to us. Respect for our tenants and pub operators, who as business partners commit to commercial relationships with us. Respect for our shareholders who invest through good and bad times. The challenge, of course, is balancing the expectations of all of the above.

McMullens has grown organically since 1827 without relying on bank debt. This has given us the freedom to continually invest in our pubs and people without the distraction of having to pay down interest on money owed. We operate a business model that values long term stability over quick unsustainable profit and our staff, business partners and customers can take comfort from the knowledge that we intend to be around for as long as they need us.

McMullens is not a big company but we invest heavily in our staff training and career development. The managed house team has developed back-to-back AMLR Area Managers of the Year and our training facilities and commitment to staff development has been recognised with a BII NITA award for Best Development Programme. All the training resources available to our managed team are also available to our business partners.

The majority of McMullens’ pubs are run by us as managed houses. Day-in and day-out we operate pubs and, as a result, have a deep-seated and up-to-date understanding of the challenges and rewards of running a pub. This endears genuine empathy and provides a pool of skills, knowledge and business support that our business partners can tap into as they wish.

McMullens operates around 74 managed houses, and the remainder of the licenced estate consists of approximately 36 tenancies, 10 agreements with pub operators and 8 pubs acquired subject to leases. These numbers vary as the Company continually seeks new acquisitions and reviews its business models in light of the local market and the wider economic picture.

Number of Pubs: 128

Brand information

McMullens (the first All Party Parliamentary Beer Group’s Brewer of the Year) brews a mixture of heritage and contemporary seasonal cask ales. On the heritage side AK (former CAMRA Beer of the Year) has been continually brewed since 1833 and is the last remaining of what was a generic bitter. Other brands include Country (former CAMRA Champion Beer of East Anglia) and, in bottles, Stronghart (former CAMRA Champion Beer of Great Britain) and Castle (four times Le Monde gold medal winner). On the contemporary side the Whole Hop Brewery produces a new beer approximately every 6 weeks to celebrate events and the changing seasons.



McMullens, like all members of the IFBB, can point to a proven ability to work together with business partners in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner. The existence of pubs that have been run as tenancies over, in some cases, 180 years is testament to this. We also share with other members a commitment to our assets and people over generations and a desire to act in a respectful and fair manner that is, in part, driven by our business and family name being the same.

Prospective business partners can benefit from the fact that McMullens also runs approximately 74 managed houses with a diverse estate. As result we have a management pool that is operating our own pubs simultaneously and in the same area as those of our business partners. Therefore, we have an up-to-date and relevant understanding of the trade at any point in time and can genuinely empathise with the challenges and rewards of running a pub. None of our pubs are more than 90 minutes away from our office which means we can provide timely and personal support. The managed estate also provides a wealth of comparable financial data that allows business partners to benchmark their performance and identify further profit opportunities.

McMullens is a company that values the long-term business approach. We are not beholden to the markets or the public scrutiny of analysts seeking to appraise the Company’s short term performance at the cost of the long term sustainability. Nonetheless, while we may have a steady long term approach, we also strive to remain innovative and customer focused. We have survived nearly two centuries by listening to our customers and progressing with the times while remaining true to our values.

If you are interested in running one of our pubs as an independent operator please contact 

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Brewery Tours

McMullens can host brewery tours by appointment. Please contact or 01992 584911 if you require any further information.