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Joseph Holt Ltd,
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About Holts

Joseph Holt: “Joseph Holt is a family brewer, which was founded in 1849 and has remained in the family for over five generations. Based in Manchester, the company owns over 100 pubs and food houses in the North West and supplies Holt’s beers to over 190 venues nationally. Over the many years of trading the brewery has expanded its portfolio of products to include champion golden ale, premium IPA and award winning lagers. The pubs also stock an exquisite range of wines from around the world and the food houses also provide fresh and delicious meals. Although ever expanding and not afraid to try something new, in the entire history of Holt’s Brewery, it has never changed its most successful formula – a quality pint at an affordable price.”

The Brewery: “The Brewery is equipped with three different sized mash turns and two coppers, which are capable of brewing between 15 to 500 barrels per day. We use best quality English malt and hops from the UK and lager hops from Slovenian hop gardens. All ales are top fermented in enclosed square fermenters, with chilled water jackets and the temperatures of every fermenting vessel are closely monitored. Lager is bottom fermented at a low temperature using multiple continental profiles and cold conditioned in cylindro-conical vessels at a maximum of 2 degrees centigrade for a minimum of two weeks prior to earth filtration and keg packaging. Natural sedimentation is used at all stages and cask beers are allowed to settle for a minimum of 18 hours prior to packaging.”

Family History: “Joseph Holt handed the reins over to his son Edward in 1882 when he had established a chain of 20 houses. In 1890, now a successful entrepreneur, Edward started to dabble in local politics. His work in extending the Manchester water supply from the Lake District was particularly noteworthy, and his service was rewarded in 1908 by being elected Lord Mayor. Edward died in 1928, when the company was passed on to his son, also named Edward. Richard Kershaw, who is great-great-grandson to the founder. The company has remained in the family, passed down through generations and will continue to do so when Richard's children take over.”

Number of Pubs: 122


“Joseph Holt is a fun place to work with plenty of prospects and a competitive financial package. Whatever role the question in person are suited, whether it be a bar role, kitchen staff or Pub Manager, Holts have a position to fit. Whilst the majority of our estate is managed, we do offer tenancy packages and also have positions on our new Retail Partnership Agreement”.

“A Holts tenancy is perfect for those who prefer to work on their own initiative, giving them the scope to run their pub the way they want. Low ingoings make it a highly cost effective proposition, while full support is provided in all aspects of the business. This includes assistance with bill qualification and personal license application, along with cellar management training. It all adds up to the sort of rewarding experience you would expect working with one of the region's leading family breweries.”

Specific contact details for tenant recruitment:
John Waterhouse,
0161 834 3285

If you are interested in a managed position, please visit: