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George Bateman & Son Ltd
Salem Bridge Brewery,
Wainfleet, Lincolnshire
PE24 4JE

Tel: 01754 880317

About George Bateman & Son

Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet Lincolnshire is one of the few remaining independent family run breweries in the U.K. The fourth generation Jaclyn and Stuart Bateman are both very involved in the running of the Brewery along with a Board of Directors.

Established in 1874 Batemans Brewery has a very colourful past and exciting future.

In the mid 80’s it looked for a while as if Batemans Brewery would be no longer. There was a three year struggle to fight off aggressive take-over bids. Once this was achieved Batemans started to grow from strength to strength, purchasing pubs not only in Lincolnshire but also Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Derbyshire Dales and one in York.
Batemans Good Honest Ales both in casks and bottles are brewed in the traditional way using top quality raw materials and have gained numerous top awards. As well as receiving awards for the beers Batemans have also been awarded Pub Company of the Year and Regional Brewer of the Year by the Publican.
Not only can Batemans beers be found in their own estate but also in pubs and supermarkets throughout the U.K.

Number of pubs: Almost 70


We take the profitability of our tenants very seriously. Our mission statement is: “To help publicans make successful businesses, with innovative agreements, good customer service and good honest business values.” We realise that to attract the best tenants and for them to be fulfilled, profitable and running stable businesses they need to be able to enter the business and operate it within terms that suit them and their resources. This is why we offer such flexibility with regard to the cost of taking the business over and also the type of trading agreement. Ingoing can cost as little as £5,000 and with a variety of agreements, there is the opportunity to benefit from massive rewards. There is also the option to purchase at free trade prices.
The stamp of approval comes from the fact that we have won the Publican Award twice, but don’t take their word for it, why not ring one of our existing tenants?

Visitor Centre:

Based in an old windmill dating back two centuries and overlooking the River Steeping, Batemans Brewery is one of the oldest and most picturesque breweries in the country.
The Visitors Centre, known for 'Fun Food and Froth', is home to a range of attractions that will keep the whole family entertained. Visitors from across the globe come to enjoy great Lincolnshire hospitality.

Just five minutes’ walk from Wainfleet railway station, the Visitors Centre is open Wednesday to Sunday inclusive and offers an exciting insight into the brewing process and its much cherished heritage. There are attractions for all the family including old traditional pub games and traditional giant board games in the beer garden.

The Brewery Tours are fun and humorous. Beginning with the Victorain Brewhouse, where much of the equipment is made of brass and copper to the new brewhouse. Opened in 2002 'The Theatre of Beers' was named after the famous Manchester United stadium 'The Theatre of Dreams'. Fans of the football club have their names printed on bricks in the walls within the stadium, similar to the printed bricks in the new brewhouse walls.

The 'virtual reality' walk around the Brewery experience is amazing. No, it's not a science lesson, it's humorous, entertaining and fun. At the entrance an old mummified Egyptian brewer is there to greet. Upstairs in Mr Harry’s room there are old letters to browse through and displays of Batemans merchandise through the years. There is also one of the largest bottle beer collection and brewery poster collection displayed throughout the Visitors Centre.

Mr George’s Windmill Bar is at the base of the windmill and standing in certain areas the sound amplifies itself. As well as five Batemans beers on the bar there is also a fully stocked bar. Members of Tastes of Lincolnshire great value for money bar snacks are available.

1st April to 30th September:

Open Wednesday to Sunday plus Bank Holiday Mondays:

  • Brewery Shop 10am - 4pm
  • Visitors Centre 11.30am - 4pm
  • Food Served 12 midday - 2pm
  • Brewery Tours 12.30pm & 2.30pm
  • 1st October to 24th December:
  • Open Wednesday to Sunday
  • Brewery Shop 10am - 4pm
  • Visitors Centre 11.30am - 2.30pm
  • Food Served 12 midday - 2pm
  • Brewery Tours 2.30pm

1st February to 31st March:

Open Wednesday to Sunday

  • Brewery Shop 10am - 4pm
  • Visitors Centre 11.30am - 2.30pm
  • Food Served 12 midday - 2pm
  • Brewery Tour 2.30pm